30+ Awesome Inventions

Where Strange and Useful Meet.

Throughout history, inventors have pushed the limits to improve human life. But as more and more things are being invented, one can argue that there are less and less good ideas. But sometimes those seemingly ridiculous inventions make all the difference in your daily life. You may ask yourself, do you really need it? But regardless the answer, you want one. These inventions may not be solving some great worldwide crisis, but they are making your life just a little bit easier.
Who’s to draw the line between ridiculous and ingenious? Certainly not us. We’ll let you decide for yourself as you view the list below.

Answer your smart phone without it ever leaving your pocketAwesome Inventions

awesome inventions

Led slipersAwesome InventionsHug Me PillowAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Baby MopAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Goggle UmbrellaAwesome Inventions

Baby Stroller and Scooter HybridAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

That’s how you lock a USB driveAwesome Inventions

Flask TieAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Ping Pong Door Awesome Inventions

A Duck-Billed Protective Muzzle For DogsAwesome Inventions

Sleeping Bag with Arms and LegsAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Bye bye extension cordsAwesome Inventions

Knitted Beard HatAwesome Inventions

The pillow for blocking out light and sound anywhereAwesome Inventions

The DogbrellaAwesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Foot Powered BikeAwesome Inventions Piano doorbellAwesome Inventions Mix SticksAwesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Water Gun UmbrellaAwesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Don’t miss any of the ocean’s beautyAwesome Inventions

Din-Ink Pen Cap Eating UtensilsAwesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Awesome Inventions

I need thisAwesome Inventions

Anti-Theft Lunch BagsAwesome Inventions

Corner framesAwesome Inventions

The Ab HancerAwesome Inventions

Ironius: The Coffee Mug Iron
Awesome Inventions Awesome Inventions

Football ChairAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Taking your goldfish for a walkAwesome Inventions

Cutting Board Bird FeederAwesome Inventions

The Weight Watch BeltAwesome Inventions

Pizza scissors
Awesome Inventions Awesome Inventions

Greatest pen everAwesome InventionsUseful on those partly cloudy daysAwesome InventionsCute and useful

Awesome InventionsDon’t even get your fingers wetAwesome InventionsSolar powered smart phone chargingAwesome InventionsForget-me-not Kid MittensAwesome InventionsWeird And Awesome InventionsFull Body UmbrellaAwesome InventionsAwesome InventionsBaby Shower CapAwesome Inventions


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