Pareidolia is fun: Seeing Look Alikes In Curious Places

“You can’t just look at a cloud and say, ‘What an interesting lump of air molecules’. You have to say, ‘that looks a lot like a bear’. Or, especially, ‘a face’. We have face-recognition software built in.” David McRaney

Not a lot of people have heard the term pareidolia. But I’m sure to say that almost everyone has experienced it many times.

Nearly anyone who looks at the Moon say they see two eyes, a nose and a mouth…that’s pareidolia.

It’s the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist. It is thought that pareidolia is a side effect of the human brain needing to very quickly recognize certain objects such as human faces or bodies.

Seeing animal shapes in clouds, or a face in the moon, are examples of pareidolia.

Check out our collection and test your ability to see things that aren’t there.

Ghost egg scared of its own breastsPareidoliaFunny Plane Pareidolia is fun: Seeing Look Alikes In Curious PlacesGet Off My LawnPareidolia is fun: Seeing Look Alikes In Curious PlacesSmiling SausagePareidolia is fun: Seeing Look Alikes In Curious PlacesGrumpy PursePareidolia is fun: Seeing Look Alikes In Curious PlacesCreepy Smiling HousePareidolia is fun: Seeing Look Alikes In Curious PlacesSay Cheese!Pareidolia is fun: Seeing Look Alikes In Curious PlacesThis stapler is not amusedPareidolia is fun: Seeing Look Alikes In Curious PlacesSeeing a Bird in a flowerPareidoliaEvil OnionPareidoliaPumpkin Stem That Looks Like A DragonPareidoliaConfused Alarm ClockPareidoliaA cat with a cat face on its foreheadPareidoliaSmiling Owl in an applePareidoliaThese Bell Peppers Look Like Screaming FacesPareidoliaSkull’n RosesPareidoliaShocked Chicken ChurchPareidoliaThis One Is Trying To EscapePareidoliaGrandma Caterpillar Putting On LipstickPareidoliaCrazy Washing MachinePareidoliaHappy Submarine looks like a dolphin alsoPareidoliaThis Broccoli is showing the fingerPareidoliaAngry TypewriterPareidoliaSurprised MixerPareidoliaThis Bag Looks Uncannily Like Phil JonesPareidoliaBuried A Friend Knee Deep In Sand. When He Stepped Out, The Sand Cracked And Made ThisPareidoliaRichard Sherman MopPareidoliaVery Angry SlippersPareidoliaOh Noooo, My Eye!PareidoliaDon’t leave me herePareidoliaIggy Pop’s Sad TorsoPareidoliaFreeze!PareidoliaIce cream with a “Scream” facePareidoliaHelp! Pareidolia

 Really Angry Pickle

Pareidolia“I’m Watching You!”PareidoliaFace eggplantPareidoliaPlayful Seat BeltPareidoliaMeet World’s Happiest AirplanePareidoliaGhost In Beer!

PareidoliaFat Princess Leia Chair Blows A KissPareidoliaPlanning for world dominationPareidoliaRunny NosePareidoliaThe Great Deku TreePareidoliaThis Razor is ScaredPareidolia

So much Pain

PareidoliaTheridion Grallator, Also Known As The Happy Face SpiderPareidolia

No she didn’t, tell me more!

PareidoliaBackpack Playing StupidPareidoliaOMGPareidoliaCrazy Chief Of The Podface TreePareidoliaThe Chocolate Milk ManPareidolia

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