This husband and artist makes adorable illustrations for 365 days he spends with his love one

A wedding photographer from Ortonville, USA, Curtis Wiklund created a series of drawings dedicated to his beloved wife, Jordin. A happy marriage that made Curtis inspired to produce 365 illustrations of blissful moments between them, one for each day.

I love her so much

happy marriage


We’re Pregnanthappy marriage


Did a lot of Laughing Todayhappy marriage


Snowboard goggles and onionshappy marriage


My sleepy girlhappy marriage

Back-scratching as a sedative
happy marriage


When my wife is out of town, I forget to eat or sleephappy marriage


You’re still my valentinehappy marriage


Dumb fighthappy marriage


Cold seasonhappy marriage


Cold Shower, Pre-hairsprayhappy marriage


She read to me, I played guitar for awhile, and then I drew a picturehappy marriage



I still learn something new about my wife everydayhappy marriage


Night time routinehappy marriage


Our trip home from IKEAhappy marriage


Our treehappy marriage


Some place I’d like to behappy marriage


Almost my birthdayhappy marriage


My wife watched the season finale of her favorite show todayhappy marriage


-What should I draw?

– US.

happy marriage

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