How Expensive Are The Adorable Puppies from World’s Biggest Pitbull

The average pitbull weighs anywhere from 30 to 80 pounds which explains why Hulk, the world’s largest pitbull is so impressive. His weight of 175 pounds is only truly understandable when you see pictures of him standing next to his owners. And what makes him even more remarkable is that he is now fathering 8 puppies of his very own. While these puppies are more than adorable, they are also each worth up to $55,000.

Adorable Puppies from World’s Biggest Pitbull

world's biggest pitbull

The reason people are so willing to pay big money for these puppies is the potential they have to end up with another monstrously sized pitbull like Hulk. Hulk himself could pull in even more than the puppies but the family refuses to part with him as he is now one of them.

World’s Biggest Pitbullbiggest pitbull


While certainly the most notable dog to have come through their house, Hulk is by far not the only one. His owners, Marlon and Lisa Grennan, are dog trainers, owners of the Dark Dynasty K9’s in New Hampshire. This school specializes in producing top quality guard dogs. To ensure that the dogs training up to standard, Marlon raises each dog from puppy himself. The results are so good that Marlon and Lisa provide dogs for celebrities, the wealthy, and even law enforcement worldwide.

biggest pitbull

Marlon and Lisa are also proud parents of their 3 year old Jordan. While others may be hesitant to allow a dog like Hulk near such a small boy, the parents say they’re not worried in the least. While they may keep him away from some of the other dogs they’re training, Lisa says that Hulk is so gentle and collected that she has no qualms with him being around, and part of, the family.

biggest pitbull

World’s Biggest Pitbull next to a child

biggest pitbull in the world

The family’s love for Hulk is unending as they rave about how perfect he is. Hulk is definitely a shining example for his breed, not just in his astounding size but in the gentle and endearing qualities that he poses.

biggest pitbullWorld’s Biggest Pitbull and his family

biggest pitbull


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