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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Find Out What Your Personality Is by Looking at Your Fingerprint

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Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints. Although denounced by many as a pseudo-science, there’s still a lot of believers who would vouch for its legitimacy.

In this post, we will base the readings on the fact that no 2 fingerprints are the same. “There are three main unique things in our body- fingerprints, retina, brain. There is high probability that these three are connected with each other.” Says Quora user, Pranav Naphade. 

There are 3 fingerprint patterns that the FBI technicians have identified (loops, swirls/whorls, and curves/arches). Now what does yours say about you? 

Fingerprint patterns – Loops

fingerprint lock screenNoel Jaquin, one of the pioneers of palmistry says looped fingerprints are indicative of “mental and emotional elasticity with possible lack of concentration.” The sort of people who have this type of print are open-hearted and generally calm, quick to help others and make friends. Also imaginative and while typically responsible can be hard to push in terms of taking initiative especially with their jobs. But other than that, they are flexible and graceful in nature, not easily swayed by life’s difficulties due to their versatility. 

Fingerprint patterns – Swirls

fingerprint lock screenImpassive with an almost impenetrable disposition, people with swirl fingerprints often get viewed as cold or selfish, but in reality, they are merely independent to the highest degree. They are unwavering in their beliefs and often dubbed as a loner in society.

Although people with this type of print are seen as talented, witty, and driven to success, they are also short-tempered and distrusting of others. They are hardworking and can do any job they set their minds to yet often times they give up halfway through the task because of boredom. They are unaware of their insecurity which makes them dissatisfied of other and of themselves.

Fingerprint patterns – Curves

fingerprint lock screenPragmatic, courageous, and reliable, people with curve prints also border on stubbornness. Their unwavering loyalty to their beliefs and friendships cannot be underestimated.

They are confident and energetic, but also have difficulty in adapting to change. Laziness is not a path they should take as it is the first step towards a downward spiral of depression. They are either highly artistic or the exact opposite.

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