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Saturday, January 25, 2020

“Stuff No One Told Me” Inspiring Life Quotes by Alex Noriega

Alex Noriega is a 31 year old artist from Barcelona. In 2010 he went through some kind of crisis, where he tried to made sense of the world around him. The exploration of his crisis resulted in something lots of people resonated with. Life lessons no one told him. His website is called "Stuff No One Told Me" SNOTM. As...

30+ Inspiring Dr. Seuss Quotes That Changed Lives

Dr. Seuss’ best quotes about love, friendship, life, that can change lives

Dear Wife, Hold My Hand, Not Hold My Head!!

My Hair!
Dear Wife, Hold My Hair! Dear Wife, My Ear! Dear Wife, My Hair! Dear Wife, My Nose! They are better than the original!

Best Witty and Sarcastic Responses Ever

Everybody knows that funny, smart, sarcastic person who find the humor in…everything. The one with the "sharp brain" who has a witty line for literally everything. The one who can deliver a gentle insult and still make you laugh :) Hide it fast Quite please...indeed. Yep Sarcastic smarty pants Witty note He is so right Raging machine. Talk to the birds Siri-User: 1-0 Good education. Enough, Taco Bell! Adapt fast You got it...

Little girls in superhero costumes transformed into comic-book superheroes

girl superhero costumes
Artist Alexandria Law is transforming little girls dressed up in superhero costumes, as if they were actual characters in a comic book. The project's slogan is "Little Girls Are Better at Designing Superheroes than you". Check out the fabulous transformations of girls in superhero costumes into cool superheroes! Girl in superhero costumeComic Book SuperheroeGirl in superhero costumeComic Book SuperheroeGirl in superhero costumeComic...

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