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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Mandala Tattoo Meaning and Some Astonishing Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala tattoo
Mandala Tattoo Meaning The ancient art of mandala traces its roots all the way back to India. And since then it has extended throughout the world, and for good reason. These round designs are a visual representation of the universe. Their round shapes represent the fact that life has no end and is ever continuing around and around. Each mandala...

30 Super Funny And Inappropriate Misspellings by Kids

Cute Virginia Come misspelling: "I come in peace" Meth teacher Kurt! "P" is for Peanuts Heart pencils Gift wrapping Come on girls She loves her whole family Best Cook Ever The beach She fell off her deck I love how you look! Have a nice day! Catch me if you can Title: Account Horses make you feel good. ...

23 Stylish Roman Numeral Tattoos

roman numeral tattoos
1. Cascade vertically down your back tattoo 2. Sexy shoulder roman numeral tattoos 3. Ribs roman numerals tattoo 4. Cmmemorate anniversary roman numeral tattoos 5. Finger tattoo 6. Big roman numeral tattoos 7. Small roman numeral tattoos 8. Horizontally bicep tattoo 9. Circular roman numerals 10. The numbers can go on and on to infinity11.  12. Matching details tattoos 13. Cursive script roman numerals tattoo 14. Collarbone tattoo 15. Unexpected arrow to the...

Pictures That Prove Just How Tall Is Shaquille O Neal

How Tall Is Shaquille O Neal
How tall is shaq? Real life giant Shaquille O'Neal's Height 7ft 1in (216 cm), and he weighs 325 lb (147 kg)   Sources: Wikipedia,

35 Funny Baby Announcements

Funny Baby Announcements
Baby & Apple Juice & BeerBaby & Beer Hitting the Toilet Announcing The Next Generation Skeleton Baby Mario & Luigi Pregnancy Announcement - Eviction Notice I wonder who... Nerdy pregnancy announcement 28 Days Late: The Movie New Gamer in town Did You See Dad's Face?! For Math Whizzes Cuter Laundry Sibling Rivalry X-Ray Pumpkin Nursed on Coffee Bump Ahead Goodbye Cool Stuff Eating and Drinking for Two Creative Pregnancy Announcement - Ice Ice Baby Surprizeeeee God Laughed Baking Buns Just...

15 Of The Most Crazy Scary Historical Pictures

creepy pics
1. The body of a Hiroshima survivor.  2. The Mad Bomber's creepy smile. 3. The mummified head of the first nun ever recorded to be possessed. 4. A Russian spy smiling right before getting executed in Finland, 1942. 5. A hotel owner is pouring acid in the pool as black people swim in it in 1964. 6. Remains found in Herxheim, an ancient city in...

Hairy Armpits: Women’s Trend On Instagram

What is more natural than armpit hair?  Not much to be honest.  But society has long made armpit hair on women taboo.  But now women are pushing against such beauty norms.  A trend has flared up on social media of women sporting underarm hair.  Some women take it a step further by dyeing the hair to draw extra attention. Like...

15 Inappropriate Adult Jokes In Children’s Cartoons

inappropriate jokes
Yep. That's all folks. Oh Tom and Jerry, how you ruined our innocence. Not Tellytubbies! I loved watching this as a kid. Are those condoms? Be Hot. Be Naughty. Be Courteous Shake what your artist gave you... lol What the?! Don't swallow! Not gonna lie here, this has some truth but totally inappropriate Oh so you what?...uhuh.. yep...  Pedo alert! Daffy's playboy duck version Bet you regretted that didn't...

35 of The Most Funny And Creepy Easter Bunny Pictures

Creepy as a creepy easter bunny!Don't even try to escape!Who wouldn't cry?Run kid, ruuuun...It will be over soonPlastic head creepy Easter Bunny The Scary Easter Bunny with the enormous teethGenuine smile or smiling through the fear? Nope, there is nothing creepy with those big wire glasses, nope. The one with the evil eyes... Eat them now!OMG, there's two of them! Get us out of...

The Cast of “The Princess Bride” Then and Now

Robin Wright as ButtercupCary Elwes as Westley Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya Christopher Guest as Count Tyrone Rugen Chris Sarandon as Prince Humperdinck Billy Crystal as Miracle MaxWallace Shawn as Vizzini Carol Kane as Valerie Fred Savage as The Grandson Mel Smith (d. 2013) as The Albino Margery Mason (d. 2014) as The Ancient BooerPeter Falk (d. 2011) as The Grandfather Andre the Giant (d. 1993) as Fezzik Peter...

18 “Average Joes” Celebrity Face Swap Pictures

Danny Evans' used his skills at Photoshop to create Celebrity Make Unders series.  He says that the project was "a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere." 1. Jay-Z and Beyonce Face Swap2. Johnny Depp Face Swap3. Madonna Face Swap4. Kim and Kanye Face Swap5. Scarlett Johansson Face Swap6. Jennifer Aniston Face Swap7. Rihanna Face Swap 8. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Face Swap9. Miley Cyrus Face Swap10....

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