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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Uncool But Funny April Fools Prank Ideas

Pranks to start April Fools' Day right Shop-window trollingToilet trolling Fake head in the bedHide in a box prank  Dinosaur prank "Plastic wrap the toilet" trick.Cream-cheesed armpitsHeadless costume.Mayo-filled doughnut.Mess with someone's morning coffee. The Post-it notes prank Toothpaste-in-the-Oreos prank.Desk in the bathroom Soy sauce and Sprite = Diet Coke. Add baking soda to ketchup.Mayo in the doughnutsNicholas Cage at the doorInsta-dateThe wrapping-paper-desk jokeMashed potatoes...

Parents Joining in on the new age

Funny parents joining the new age

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