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Monday, January 27, 2020

10 Amazing Funny Optical Illusion Pictures

Optical illusions usually influence our perception of things. Actually, what happens is your mind trying to see things the easiest way. At first sight, our eyes try to relate the image with the closest interpretation it can give. After a few seconds, that’s when the mind realizes that the separate details of the image makes no sense at all. Optical...

Best Witty and Sarcastic Responses Ever

Everybody knows that funny, smart, sarcastic person who find the humor in…everything. The one with the "sharp brain" who has a witty line for literally everything. The one who can deliver a gentle insult and still make you laugh :) Hide it fast Quite please...indeed. Yep Sarcastic smarty pants Witty note He is so right Raging machine. Talk to the birds Siri-User: 1-0 Good education. Enough, Taco Bell! Adapt fast You got it...

Tasered for Art

These people bravely volunteered to be tasered for art.

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