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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Smart (as in funny) Things To Ask Siri for a Hilarious Response

things to ask siri
A quick internet search will reveal all of the funny queries to ask Siri.  A lot of times our humour over Siri is due to the limits in answers or being unable to recognize what’s being said. But the creators at Apple certainly had their fun with some of the writing.  For example, ask Siri why she vibrates and she...

30 Super Funny And Inappropriate Misspellings by Kids

Cute Virginia Come misspelling: "I come in peace" Meth teacher Kurt! "P" is for Peanuts Heart pencils Gift wrapping Come on girls She loves her whole family Best Cook Ever The beach She fell off her deck I love how you look! Have a nice day! Catch me if you can Title: Account Horses make you feel good. ...

Pictures That Prove Just How Tall Is Shaquille O Neal

How Tall Is Shaquille O Neal
How tall is shaq? Real life giant Shaquille O'Neal's Height 7ft 1in (216 cm), and he weighs 325 lb (147 kg)   Sources: Wikipedia,

Funny Dog Pictures with Captions

All Time Best Funny Dog Pictures with Captions

15 Inappropriate Adult Jokes In Children’s Cartoons

inappropriate jokes
Yep. That's all folks. Oh Tom and Jerry, how you ruined our innocence. Not Tellytubbies! I loved watching this as a kid. Are those condoms? Be Hot. Be Naughty. Be Courteous Shake what your artist gave you... lol What the?! Don't swallow! Not gonna lie here, this has some truth but totally inappropriate Oh so you what?...uhuh.. yep...  Pedo alert! Daffy's playboy duck version Bet you regretted that didn't...

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