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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

18 Animals in Danger of Extinction

Hooded Seal Tree Kangaroo Bearded Vulture Axolotl Saiga Antelope Olm Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Gharial Proboscis Monkey Irrawaddy Dolphin Coconut Crab Kakapo Dugong Horton Plains Slender Loris Gooty Spider Markhor Quokkas Okapi

18 Crazy Wild Animal Pictures

crazy pictures
1. A snake eating a toad. 3. A shark caught in the Mississippi River 4. A litle deceptively dangerous bird 5. A gigantic jellyfish  6. A crocodile eating a bull shark 7. A poisonous platypus 8. These hippos crushing a crocodile 9. A giant fruit bat 10. Orca jumping 15 feet out of the water 11. A giant catch  12. A golf course shark 13. Eagle carrying away a fox 14....

14 Pics of How Different Breeds of Dogs Look Like When They’re Puppies

Goldendoodles Mudis Weimaraners Italian Spinones Golden Retriever/Chocolate Lab German Shepherds Siberian Husky American Staffordshire Rottweiler/American Staffordshire Irish Wolfhounds Dalmatian German Shorthaired Pointers Bloodhound Bichon/Chihuahua/Pekingese

How Expensive Are The Adorable Puppies from World’s Biggest Pitbull

World’s Biggest Pitbull
The average pitbull weighs anywhere from 30 to 80 pounds which explains why Hulk, the world’s largest pitbull is so impressive. His weight of 175 pounds is only truly understandable when you see pictures of him standing next to his owners. And what makes him even more remarkable is that he is now fathering 8 puppies of his very...

Are Narwhals Real?!

are narwhals real
Yes! Narwhals are real! These Unicorns of the sea has a strange and mysterious long tusk, once harvested and sold as a unicorn horn for ten times its weight in gold! That’s right: Narwhals are real! Bacon Narwhals

Funny Dog Pictures with Captions

All Time Best Funny Dog Pictures with Captions

Adorable Bulldog Puppies

Bulldog Puppy
The Lovable Bulldog When you hear the name ‘bulldog’, what images pop into your mind?  Is it a fierce, dangerous dog?  Well, if it is, it shouldn’t be. These dogs are actually very friendly and wonderful family dogs.  They are very loyal and protective over their owners due to their bravery. The name itself shows this.  First mentioned in 1500 in...

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