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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Restaurants that have “Secret” Menu Items for Your Dog

sonic secret menu
Going out to eat something special once in a while is always a fun treat.  But you’re not the only one who likes special treats.  Our furry friends enjoy nice food as much as we do.  And some restaurants cater to them as well. While some of these places will have doggy options listed on the menu, others you have...

Pictures of Guinea Pigs Face Swaps (with other animals)

pictures of guinea pigs
Guinea Lion Guinea Bear Guinea Bird Guinea Buffalo Guinea Eagle Guinea Gorilla Guinea Sloth And finally, the most obvious… The Guinea Pig Source: Reddit

Funny and Adorably Goofy Pictures of Wet Dogs Sophie Gamand

Wet dogs
French pet photographer Sophie Gamand made a photoshoot titled Wet Dog. These adorable goofy portraits show us how much dogs "love" a good bath.

Meet Dolores, the hairless bear

8  Hairless bear
Bears look majestic, towering over other animals with their sharp claws and long, soft fur.  But not the poor bear Dolores.  Although she has all the other majestic qualities of her fellow bears, she lacks the coat of fur. Dolores lives in a zoo in Leipzig with this rare condition. Vets have no idea what’s caused Dolores to lose her...

18 Adorably Accessorized Dogs Cone of Shame

Pixar logo When life gives you cone of shame make a dogtini Death Star Monopoly? Play some cards Who's there? Crafty dog owner Puppy salad Stuffed animals The galaxy cone of shame Dogflower Dogflower wannabe Decorate it with paws Merry Christmas everyone Smart dog!

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