14 Types of noses, apparently not all noses are equal

Not all noses are equal.  This is a sad truth for many people.  In the vast array of noses in the world, there are obvious favourites.  But what is the ideal nose?

To figure this out we need to know how many different types of noses there are.  While guesses may range anywhere from 5 to 500, an Israeli scientist named Abraham Tamir stated that there is only 14.

How did he come to decide on 14 types of noses?  Tamir gathered together roughly 1,800 pictures of different types of noses; some were artwork but most were actual photos of people from Israel, Holland, France, and Belgium.

Now, before we discuss the results, perhaps you’re wondering why such an investigation was necessary.  Being a scientist, the simple fact that no one had done it before was enough to motivate him.

The 14 types of noses found by Abraham Tamir

Beyond just analysing different types of noses, Tamir stated that different noses could mean different things about the individual’s personality.  For example, the snub shaped nose, while it is considered one of the most attractive noses (found on the famous footballer, Wayne Rooney), Professor Tamir states that such a nose often denotes a lack of maturity, both spiritually and physically.

Snubtypes of nosesDuchess

Another type of nose, which is actually the most common, particularly for men, is the fleshy nose.  Almost 1/4th of the faces Tamir examined had this type of nose.  A good example of this type of nose can be seen on Prince Philip.  Professor Tamir also links certain types of behaviours to the owners of these noses.  He states that people with the fleshy nose tend to be much more helpful and sensitive, looking for areas where they can assist others.

Fleshytypes of noses

But sadly not everyone can have what are considered attractive noses.  Professor Tamir said that some of the most unattractive noses are the fleshy type and the hawk type.  The latter can be seen on Barbra Streisand.

Hawktypes of nosesMirrentypes of noses

types of noses

There are many other types of noses such as the greek (seen on Cesc Fabregas, the captain of the Arsenal football team) which is only found on 3%.

Greektypes of noses

Daniel Radcliffe, the famous actor, possesses an aquiline nose which Tamir explained represents a sharp, business orientated mind.

Aquilinetypes of nosesRomantypes of nosesRumpoletypes of noses

Another beautiful nose type is the celestial.  As denoted by the name, this type is a rather angelic and is possessed by about 13% of the population.  The actress Carey Mulligan has this style of nose.

Celestialtypes of nosesLenintypes of nosesRedknapptypes of nosesNixontypes of nosesTaratypes of noses

These are the 14 types of noses found by professor Tamir but not everyone holds to his findings.  Some argue that his results were inaccurate as they came from only one area of the world.  To get more conclusive results, they say, he should have looked more international.  Perhaps one day someone will do a worldwide nose investigation.

(via The Daily Mail)

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