Headscarf or Burka: Muslim headwear for women

Why do muslim women wear hijab?

The Muslim headscarf has been a matter of quite a bit of controversy in the last few years. Many claim that it degrading towards women and is designed only to oppress them. Multiple countries have even banned the face covering for security reasons. But despite the outcry against it, what do the women of Islam have to say?

Many women in free countries who wear a head covering say they choose to do it out of their own free will. The Quran states that woman should wear the covering to maintain respectability and obey God. Many Muslim women don the headscarf saying it allows them to prove their obedience to God and even spares them the trials that a fashionable world forces on women.

But there are actually quite a few different kinds and degrees of head coverings.

 Muslim headwear for women

muslim headscarf

The word hijab itself, simply means ‘veil’ in Arabic. It can stand for any type of head covering, which is usually some type of scarf. Most hijabs over quite a bit of variety as they can be made with any number of materials, colours, and patterns.
muslim headscarfMost common are the simple scarfs wrapped around the head such as the shayla. This is a long length of fabric that is only pinned to ensure it stays on. The al-amira is a little more designed as it comes in two pieces; a very snug ‘cap’ and a tube type scarf that slips over it. For a little more coverage, there is the khimar which, while similar to the shayla, covers all the way down to the waist. The chador takes it one step further covering all the way to the ground.muslim headscarf

Once you get to the niqab the face starts to get covered. This full body veil also covers the bottom of the face, leaving only the eyes to be seen, though you can add a separate eye veil as well. Then lastly, there is the infamous burka. This full face and body veil allows only a mesh eye cover for the woman to see out of.
muslim headscarf


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