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Friday, October 19, 2018

25 Hilarious Misspelled Tattoos

He must be so proud. That sounds like the most messed up superhero ever. She might need that advice after that. It was "supposed" to turn out differently. Livin' on a prayer...that it can someday be removed. That's true. Not even close. Maybe you should consider going back? At least he can laugh at himself. At least all the letters are there? Not even close. That means there's no...

30 Father Daughter Matching Tattoos

Fight the good fight. You're a piece of each other...and kind of cheesy. Speaking of cheese... An elephant never forgets. Follow the arrows. Wizardry runs through their blood. A ghostly idea. Feline high-five! He will love you forever. The Fifth Element To infinity, and beyond... This one is clearly stated. Who else can you get a bit batty with? Well, look what the cat dragged in... Feeling lucky? We know karate! And so are those...

35+ Famous Marilyn Monroe Quotes

Marilyn Monroe Quotes 28
Beautiful and inspirational Marilyn Monroe Quotes on Beauty, Succes, Life, Love & Happiness:

25 Funny Weirdos on Tinder

tinder wirdos
  Dina mite Disaster Simple request Fake cat? Really? Sexy answer! Start with not dressing as a taco duck, duuh Celsius or Fahrenheit? Spoiled If you're looking for a real intellectual Long story short Dream away little one Text like an Egyptian He is a real hero! Sour grapes. Special delivery. Eat fresh. So she doesn't do anything cool? So close... Maybe swipe on over to a therapist. Sounds like someone needs a drink. Get down and dirty? Cross that off...

Hilariously Smart Chalkboard Signs

chalkboard signs
Because of that ONE guy Happy Birthday! Honest Chalkboard Sign You may have to talk to people? Logic They have what you need! Punny chalkboard sign We loooove hipsters jokes We have a deal When in doubt, add bacon. You know who you are That works too Beer logic Great Ideea Liquid lunch If whiskey isn't your cup of soup... Cheesy A ringing endorsement Asking the right questions That's deep Always keep the mug full They won't even try WHY?!? Great. Now I need...

‘Neighborhood Watch’ Signs Funny Updated

‘Neighborhood Watch’ Signs Funny Updated
Pseudonymous artist Andrew Lamb has been updating Toronto’s “neighborhood watch” signs using Badass TV And Movie Characters.  

18 Celebrities With Their Almost Identical Stunt Doubles

xxx and xxx seen during the shooting of 'Knight and Day' film on December 9, 2009 in Seville, Spain.
Jennifer Garner and her stunt double Shanna Duggins Mark Ruffalo and his stunt double Anthony Molinari on Now You See Me Carrie Fisher and her stunt double Sandi Gross on Return of the Jedi Christian Slater with his stunt double Marc Shaffer on The Forgotten. Tom Hardy and his stunt double on Mad Max: Fury Road Hugh Jackman and his stunt double on Swordfish Cameron Diaz and her stunt double on Knight and DayChris...

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