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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Adorable Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep

13Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep
The never-ending battle between kids and sleep. Kids try to stay awake and play all day and all night but in the end, they always lose the fight and give in to the warm and sweet sleep. What happens when kids fall asleep in an awkward situation? Kids can sleep in the craziest and funny postures and places and these hilarious...

16 Perfectly Timed Photos

Dancing on ice headless  Perfectly folded paper Drinking fountain    Dresed appropriately for the weather Watch ouuuuut! Nice body, lady Fully clothed women Good one  Long live the Queen I came here line a wrecking baaaaaaaall Cute piggies Are they really small? The dog knows what the shadows wants  Are we there yet? Obama a.k.a "The wizard"!  They fit me perfectly!

19. Cringe-Worthy Fails That Will Make You Facepalm

face palm
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