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Friday, January 19, 2018

How To Get Creative Eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

hot cheetos
1 Everything taste better with cheeeeeese 2. Flamin' Hot Dogs 3. Flamin' Omlete4. Flamin' Sandwich5. Flamin' Salad 6. Flamin' Hot Cheetos Roll 7. Use Hot Cheetos in Guacamole8. Flamin' Chilli9. Or in Macaroni 10. Also with Nachos 11. Flamin' Mmmmmmarshmallow 12. Cheetos and Pickles

36 Sarcastically Clever Facebook Comments

witty comebacks
Facebook can enrich our lives sometimes with witty clever humor. Not facebook in itself but it's clever users who can craft the most witty comments and sarcastic replies. Check out  our favorites smart ass comments below ...

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