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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Scientific Facts For Happiness

Scientific facts to build life long happiness

15 Inappropriate Adult Jokes In Children’s Cartoons

inappropriate jokes
Yep. That's all folks. Oh Tom and Jerry, how you ruined our innocence. Not Tellytubbies! I loved watching this as a kid. Are those condoms? Be Hot. Be Naughty. Be Courteous Shake what your artist gave you... lol What the?! Don't swallow! Not gonna lie here, this has some truth but totally inappropriate Oh so you what?...uhuh.. yep...  Pedo alert! Daffy's playboy duck version Bet you regretted that didn't...

Vince Vaughn Promotes His New Movie in Cheesy Clichéd Stock Photos

Vince Vaughn Promoting His New Movie in Cheesy Stupid Stock Photos
As a genius promotion for his film Unfinished Business, Vaughn and his collegues, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson, released a series of their own clichéd, ridiculous stock photos that were made by Photoshopping actual cheesy stock photos. Quitting Time Delegation Technology Bravo, keep up the good job! Brainstorming Goals Respect Business forecast Positivity Authority Communication Teamwork

Welcome to the Family Baby Burrito!

Have you ever felt so full its like you ate a giant burrito? This couple did and they took it to the next level with the help of their photographer friend from An Indoor Lady, Erin Holsonback. Watch this couple give their affection to their newborn burrito through these magical photos. 1. Welcome dear baby burrito. 2. You complete their family. 3. You made their relationship...

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