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Monday, October 23, 2017

15 Awesome Glow In The Dark Tattoos

Awesome Glow In The Dark Tattoos
Are you a glow in the dark tattoo fan? Maybe you’ve just heard of and have decided to know more about it. They are UV tattoos that can only be visible in the dark or when there is no light at all. Want to be the point of focus in a night club? You love tattoos but you job...

When Will Lent 2017 Start?

When Will Lent 2017 Start?
Lent is a period observed by Christians in order to prepare for Easter. It is 40 weekdays before Easter starting with Ash Wednesday. This period is usually characterized by fasting and penitence. The Roman Catholic Church observes these days until the Thursday before Easter which is called Holy Thursday. Other churches follow it until Easter Saturday. Thinking of Lent...

Doppelganger or Look Alike? The Similar Features of These 35+ Common People With Celebrities is Impressive

This Reddit thread that started 1 year ago asked users to post side-by-side photos of themselves and their celebrity look alike or their celebrity lookalike friends and has invited a staggering 13,000 comments. The location and identities of these people are largely unknown. Reddit allows users to remain anonymous. One man, who looks so much like musician Ed Sheeran that you...

30 Super Funny And Inappropriate Misspellings by Kids

Cute Virginia Come misspelling: "I come in peace" Meth teacher Kurt! "P" is for Peanuts Heart pencils Gift wrapping Come on girls She loves her whole family Best Cook Ever The beach She fell off her deck I love how you look! Have a nice day! Catch me if you can Title: Account Horses make you feel good. ...