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Friday, October 19, 2018

30+ Inspiring Dr. Seuss Quotes That Changed Lives

Dr. Seuss’ best quotes about love, friendship, life, that can change lives

Creepy Photos You Won’t Easily Forget

creepy pictures
Pripyat and it's bridge of death after the chernobyl disaster 2. Girl visiting the grave of her twin sister who died the year before3. Pile of American Bison Skulls 4. Aren't you curious? NOPE... 5. Literal tight spaces. Well he doesn't look like he's claustrophobic 6. Mysterious shadow at the back of the woman in the middle 7. This looks like its photoshoped or...

18 Crazy Wild Animal Pictures

crazy pictures
1. A snake eating a toad. 3. A shark caught in the Mississippi River 4. A litle deceptively dangerous bird 5. A gigantic jellyfish  6. A crocodile eating a bull shark 7. A poisonous platypus 8. These hippos crushing a crocodile 9. A giant fruit bat 10. Orca jumping 15 feet out of the water 11. A giant catch  12. A golf course shark 13. Eagle carrying away a fox 14....

Magical Mushrooms

These amazing mushrooms look like they are straight out of an alien universe.

Epic Custom Consoles

Custom consoles that you will definitely want

Hypnotizing Gifs

These Gifs are extremely trippy.

Myths That Have Been Proven False

Mythbusters prove that popular myths are false

14 Confessions from People who Screwed Up Their Job Interview

I think almost everyone can attest that lying in job interviews are the most common sort. Especially when they ask you what are your weakness like it's something worth sharing. Do they really think people are honest about that sort of stuff? Really guys, you should know better. Screwing up job interviews is so common it's almost a rite of...

Strange Minerals and Stones

These beautiful minerals and stones are quite unusual.

Weird-looking Animals You Didn’t Know Existed

weird animals
1. Giant Isopod Is this even real? It looks like something that came out from an alien versus predator movie. 2. Umbonia Spinosa 3. Galapagos Batfish 4. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth This little insect is just plain cool. Strange... but cool.  5. Atretochoana A class of amphibian that resembles worms or snakes. And something else? 6. Goblin Shark Yikes! More like a shreik fest. But believe it or not, this...

Happy Facts

These facts will put a smile on your face.

Incredible Caves

Incredible caves from around the world

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