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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Unique Vending Machines

Strange vending machines found around the world.

Blue Painted Canvas with a White Line Sells for $44 Million

barnett newman
"Onement VI" made by abstract expressionist painter Barnett Newman sold on May 14, 2013 at a Sotheby's auction for a record-setting 43.8 million dollars. Newman painted this 8.5' x 10' masterpiece in 1953. Here he is with it in his studio in 1961...  Am I thougth I could not draw or paint...

23 Cool Optical Illusions That Will Will Mesmerise You

Our brain is an amazing specimen; paired off with our senses like the eyes, the function becomes extraordinary. The bending of light when reflected on surfaces makes us see what we see. But that can easily be manipulated which makes our eyes easily tricked into seeing something that isn't actually there. Listed below are some interesting examples, that’ll make you...

Must Have Headphones

Headphones that you will want to go out and buy

The door to Hell is a burning hole in Turkmenistan that started to burn 40 years

In 1971, Soviet geologists drilled into a cavern of natural gas near the Turkmen village of Derweze. The ground beneath collapsed and in order to control the emission of poisonous methane gas they decided to set the crater on fire expecting the fire to burn out in a few days. That was 40 years ago and it’s still burning today....

Mother’s Day 2017

When is Mother's Day in 2017? Mother's Day in 2017 is on Sunday, the 14th of May. In the United States, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In some countries it was changed to dates that were significant to historical dates. Mother's Day is a holiday commemorated each year as a tribute to all mothers and motherhood. It...

Germany vs. Ukraine EURO 2016 – Boateng’s phenomenal save

Germany vs. Ukraine EURO 2016 - Boatengs brilliant save
Boateng's brilliant save against Ukraine... Just Boatengs brilliant save

Stunning Pluto Pictures That Will Amaze You

Pictured here is the mountainous shoreline of Sputnik Planum. In this highest-resolution image from New Horizons, great blocks of Pluto
NASA has released amazing detailed Pluto pictures. The New Horizons space probe released some of the best images of Pluto the world has seen since December 2015. With the information gathered from these detailed images of a strip of land on Pluto's surface called "mosaic strip", scientists can now piece together what the rest of the dwarf planet looks like. Photos were...

Technology Today

An interesting look at the hold technology has on us today

Presidents’ Day 2017

When is Presidents' Day in 2017? Presidents' Day in 2017 is on Monday, the 20th of February. In the United States, Presidents Day is commemorated on the third Monday of February. What is Presidents' Day? President's Day is the popular and typically utilized name for the United States federal holiday officially called Washington's Birthday. It is celebrated every year on the third Monday...

Can You Learn to Read Russian in 15 Minutes? Yes you can!

Check out more here: Northrop and Estrada.

Tech has given everyday life a new meaning

Technology has altered the meaning of everyday language

Strange Minerals and Stones

These beautiful minerals and stones are quite unusual.