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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Highest Mountains In The World

Some of the highest mountains across the globe.

15 Strange Facts You May Not Believe

1.2. 3. 8. 9.10. 11. 12.13.14. 15.

18 Crazy Wild Animal Pictures

crazy pictures
1. A snake eating a toad. 3. A shark caught in the Mississippi River 4. A litle deceptively dangerous bird 5. A gigantic jellyfish  6. A crocodile eating a bull shark 7. A poisonous platypus 8. These hippos crushing a crocodile 9. A giant fruit bat 10. Orca jumping 15 feet out of the water 11. A giant catch  12. A golf course shark 13. Eagle carrying away a fox 14....

14 Steampunk Costumes Every SP Fan Will Love

Steampunk Costumes
What is steampunk? Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that integrates technology and aesthetic layouts inspired by 19th century industrial steam powered machines. Although its literary sources are from time to time linked to the cyberpunk genre, steampunk is in many cases set within an alternative history of the 19th century's British Victorian era or American...

Incredible Caves

Incredible caves from around the world

The story(s) behind A113 Hidden In Pixar Movies

The story(s) behind A113 Hidden In Pixar Movies
A seemingly meaningless set of letters and numbers, A113 keeps appearing in various Disney and Pixar movies.  Though it comes up in different formats (A1-13 and A-113), it has been subtly added to many movies.  You’ve probably seen it yourself and just haven’t noticed. Many people have come up with theories about why this sequence is added.  Some claim that...

Extremely Unusual Flowers

Bat-faced Cuphea (Cuphea llavea)
Incredibly unusual Flowers found around the globe

When is Thanksgiving in 2017

When is Thanksgiving in 2017
Thanksgiving in USA Thanksgiving in 2017 is on Thursday, the 23rd of November. In the United States, Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving in Canada Thanksgiving in 2017 is Monday, October 9. Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday of October each year and it's an official statutory holiday What Do People Do On...

Cool Steampunk Gadgets

Steampunked themed gadgets that will make you reach for your wallet.

Coolest Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks that you would love to wake up to.

Happy Facts

These facts will put a smile on your face.

18 Eye-Catching Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired DIYs

Eye-Catching Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired DIYs
1. Character Egg Cartons 2. Mayor Lamp 3. Oogie Boogie Squash 4. Zero Ornament 5. Jack Skellington Hat and Scarf 6. Sally Patch Doll 7. Jack Skellington-Inspired Bow Tie 8. Scary Duck Toy 9. Jack Skellington Halloween String Garland 10. Jack Skellington Mug Cozy 11. The Nightmare Before Christmas Cross-Stich 12. Jack Skellington Cupcakes 13. Jack Skellington Candy Apples 14. Sally Painted Pumpkin 15. Oogie Boogie Monster 16. Monster Wreath 17. Jack Skellington Nail Art 18....

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