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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Disney characters personality type based on The Myer Briggs Test (MBTI)

tinkerbell characters
The Myers-Briggs personality test is popular among all ages and has even been applied to fictional characters.  Whether that characters come from books, t.v. shows, or movies, they all can fit into one of the 16 different personalities. Galschjodt, a user on Pinterest, decided to categorise all out favourite Disney characters as well.  So if you’re wondering whether you share...

30+ Awesome Inventions

Awesome inventions
Where Strange and Useful Meet. Throughout history, inventors have pushed the limits to improve human life. But as more and more things are being invented, one can argue that there are less and less good ideas. But sometimes those seemingly ridiculous inventions make all the difference in your daily life. You may ask yourself, do you really need it? But...

Hidden Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

adult jokes
Well this one's obvious... Wait, what just happened?   Ahhh. It all makes sense now.. haha Are those magazines? Looks like this boys don't just share their names. Gross "Don't touch yourself" note in a post-it Even in cartoons, guys will hit on you. Whore-oscope? BURN!   Well you're looking at the wrong thing! lol Damn this girl's expensive...   Baby Daddy, is that you? Not Spongebob! My childhood is ruined Get it? Jack...

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