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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Smartasses Who Aced Their Job Interviews

His biggest fan! And you won't have a problem with mice. Who's a good boy? Not everyone can do that, you know. Oh, you mean professionally? Sold! You asked... It's good to improvise. Didn't see that one coming. He has a bone to pick. He has a plan. Huh? Oh, hell yeah. Can you repeat the question? He has a lot of practice. Maybe a snack? Deep thoughts... Straight to the point. Not so much. He seems like...

Funny pictures portraying babies and toddlers tasting lemon for the first time [15 pictures]

babies eating lemons
April Maciborka and David Wile are the photographers that made the gallery titled “Pucker,” featuring little kids trying a lemon for the first time….