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Friday, June 23, 2017

Mandala Tattoo Meaning and Some Astonishing Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala tattoo
Mandala Tattoo Meaning The ancient art of mandala traces its roots all the way back to India. And since then it has extended throughout the world, and for good reason. These round designs are a visual representation of the universe. Their round shapes represent the fact that life has no end and is ever continuing around and around. Each mandala...

Ombre Hair 2017 (Red, Blue, Purple, Blonde)

red ombre hair
What is Ombre Hair? Ombre hair is a craze that caught on nearly eight years ago and has shown no signs of slowing down.  The trend offers a wide array of options and requires very little upkeep.  Nowadays, if you browse through any women’s magazine or take a look at the red carpet, you’ll see this trend everywhere. Ombre Hair can...

30 Punny Diy Halloween Costumes

Punny Halloween Costumes
Social Butterfly Oh Deer and Holy Cow A Man Walks Into a Bar Gingerbread Man Deviled Eggs Assault and Battery Fannie Mae Cereal Killer Disney on Ice Nickelback Snakes on a Plane Spice Rack Spice Girls Formal Apology Ceiling Fan French Kiss Bag of Eminems Radiohead Potheads 50 Shades of Gray Dumbledora the Explorer One Night Stand Tie-Died Batman Life of the Party Plato Play-Doh Heisenburger Dunkin' Donuts Maroon 5 Blessing in Disguise

35 Easy and Creative DIY Couple Costumes

35 Easy and Creative DIY Couple Costumes
Mrs. Butterworth's and Waffle   Hashtag (or Hash Tag...#clever)   Cat and Litter Box   American Gothic   Pizza and Pizza Delivery Boy   Lightning Strike   Nerds   The Tron Duo   Liz Lemon and Kenneth from 30 Rock   Dressy Skeletons   USB Drive   Mr. Miyagi and Daniel from The Karate Kid   Mario and Luigi   Google Maps   Roller Coaster   Will and Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air   Butterfly and Butterfly Catcher   Edward Scissorhands and a Shrub   Sailor Couple   Piñata and Birthday Girl   French Baker and Pastry   Bob...