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Monday, August 20, 2018

Hairy Armpits: Women’s Trend On Instagram

What is more natural than armpit hair?  Not much to be honest.  But society has long made armpit hair on women taboo.  But now women are pushing against such beauty norms.  A trend has flared up on social media of women sporting underarm hair.  Some women take it a step further by dyeing the hair to draw extra attention. Like...

Mandala Tattoo Meaning and Some Astonishing Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala tattoo
Mandala Tattoo Meaning The ancient art of mandala traces its roots all the way back to India. And since then it has extended throughout the world, and for good reason. These round designs are a visual representation of the universe. Their round shapes represent the fact that life has no end and is ever continuing around and around. Each mandala...

16 Shocking Actors Transformations Over The Years

hollywood 16
Then and Now: Brad Pitt Then and Now: Megan Fox Then and Now: Mickey Rourke Then and Now: Robert Downey, Jr. Then and Now: Christian Bale Then and Now: Chris Pratt Then and Now: Jennifer Lawrence Then and Now: Kate Winslet Then and Now: Kelly Osbourne Then and Now: Rihanna Then and Now: Taylor Swift Then and Now: Emma Watson Then and Now: Renee Zellweger Then and...

15 Cool Summer Hairstyles

cool hairstyles
2. 3. 4.  5.  6. 7.  8.  9.  10.  11. 12.  13.  14.  15. 

The Objectification Of Women In Sexist Ads It’s Not A Joke

As a women, being sexy or feminine has it's blurry lines depending on the era you live in. Back in the days women were body shamed for being too skinny as you'll see from the Ionized Yeast ad: "Men hate the sight of me, I'm so skinny", now they're shamed for not being skinny enough see Protein World advert: "Are you beach body ready"?

Fun Nail Art Designs

Inspirational Nail Art Designs

Amazing Sugar Skull Make up Tutorial


These Will Make You Look Twice

These 3D tattoo's will blow you're mind.

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