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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Project Semicolon Tattoo: What’s It About

semicolon tattoo
Last updated: September 12th 2016 Why a semicolon? If you’ve ever seen someone with a semicolon tattoo you may have wondered why… Here’s the story of how Amy Bleuel created a trend with a serious cause, something which might seem random, or perhaps seem like the stamp of some kind of obsessed grammar fanatic; when actually it has an unexpected and positive...

Facinating Spine Tattoos

spine tattoos
1. The moon phases  2.  3. Two bamboo plants 4.  5. Compass   6. Minimalist peacock 7.  8.  9. Tribal block tattoo  10. The 7 Chakras  11. Computerized mandala   12. "The Spine of an Unpublished Book."  13. Planets  14. Lotus 15.  16. Inner workings  17.  18. For the love of books 

35 Easy and Creative DIY Couple Costumes

35 Easy and Creative DIY Couple Costumes
Mrs. Butterworth's and Waffle   Hashtag (or Hash Tag...#clever)   Cat and Litter Box   American Gothic   Pizza and Pizza Delivery Boy   Lightning Strike   Nerds   The Tron Duo   Liz Lemon and Kenneth from 30 Rock   Dressy Skeletons   USB Drive   Mr. Miyagi and Daniel from The Karate Kid   Mario and Luigi   Google Maps   Roller Coaster   Will and Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air   Butterfly and Butterfly Catcher   Edward Scissorhands and a Shrub   Sailor Couple   Piñata and Birthday Girl   French Baker and Pastry   Bob...

30 Father Daughter Matching Tattoos

Fight the good fight. You're a piece of each other...and kind of cheesy. Speaking of cheese... An elephant never forgets. Follow the arrows. Wizardry runs through their blood. A ghostly idea. Feline high-five! He will love you forever. The Fifth Element To infinity, and beyond... This one is clearly stated. Who else can you get a bit batty with? Well, look what the cat dragged in... Feeling lucky? We know karate! And so are those...

Extraordinary Female Bodybuilders

These female bodybuilders have sculpted their bodies to the max.

35 Funny Baby Announcements

Funny Baby Announcements
Baby & Apple Juice & BeerBaby & Beer Hitting the Toilet Announcing The Next Generation Skeleton Baby Mario & Luigi Pregnancy Announcement - Eviction Notice I wonder who... Nerdy pregnancy announcement 28 Days Late: The Movie New Gamer in town Did You See Dad's Face?! For Math Whizzes Cuter Laundry Sibling Rivalry X-Ray Pumpkin Nursed on Coffee Bump Ahead Goodbye Cool Stuff Eating and Drinking for Two Creative Pregnancy Announcement - Ice Ice Baby Surprizeeeee God Laughed Baking Buns Just...

Logos played by cartoons… check out the “Playboy” Bunny

What if the characters in various classic logos were actually classic cartoons... “The Mermaid” “Astro Big Boy Burgers” “Blockhead Ink Company” “The Princess Standard” “Regular Blue Jay” “Play-Dough” “Miyazaki Salt” “The Bunny”                     Visit Gallery1988 for more.

Cool 3D Pencil Drawings

Cool 3D Pencil Drawings
Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Shocking Leather Sculptures

These sculptures will make you look at leather in a whole new light

15 Cute Couple Matching Tattoo Ideas

Cute Couple Matching Tattoo Ideas
True love, like tatoos, never fade. In spite of the pains you get when having you tattoo, the memories that they evoke are sometimes really beautiful. Are you thinking of getting tatted with your bae or boo? You should be quite sure he/she is your soulmate before going in for a skin-altering commitment. Don’t forget the bad memories it...

Adorable Star Wars Art

This artists turns star wars characters into cute illistrations

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