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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Want to make a minion cake? Here is your inspiration…

minion cake
How to make the best DIY Despicable Me Minion Cake... not only it will look super cool but it will be delicious also. It all starts with this Somewhere in the middle you'll have this Ta daaaaa - The end For the complete recipe and step by step instructions check out Betty Crocker Despicable Me - Fondant Minions via Tall Minion Cake via Not so tall Minion cake via  For...

This husband and artist makes adorable illustrations for 365 days he spends with his love one

happy marriage
A wedding photographer from Ortonville, USA, Curtis Wiklund created a series of drawings dedicated to his beloved wife, Jordin. A happy marriage that made Curtis inspired to produce 365 illustrations of blissful moments between them, one for each day. I love her so much   We're Pregnant   Did a lot of Laughing Today   Snowboard goggles and onions   My sleepy girl Back-scratching as a sedative   When my wife is out of...

Extraordinary Female Bodybuilders

These female bodybuilders have sculpted their bodies to the max.

Perfect Things in Life that Oddly Satisfies

perfect things
1. Snickers Bar Holder? 2. Gas Pump Price and Total Litre 3.  Slurpee Mountain! 4. The Perfect Fold 5. Grocery Isle Pre-Opening Pic 6. That One Oddly Satisfying Event 7. Snake Camouflage? 8. Gratuity Guideline 9. Brownie Packing That Fits Perfectly 10. Perfect Fluffly Pancake 11. Tater Tots Perfection   12. Gum Display Connection 13. Perfectly Placed Shoes 14. Is this Art or just a bunch of perfectly stacked chairs?   15. This Bill from Math...

Photographer Jake Olsen Takes Breathtaking Photos Of Kids And Animals

Jake Olson started his career in the jewelry industry but you may not know him from there.  At the late age of 38, he took a drastic career change.  Suddenly switching his canvas from metals to film, Olson picked up a camera and started snapping.  His natural eye clearly showed in his work which pushed him to the top...

Renee Zellweger Then and Now

The star from Bridget Jones’ Diary is sporting a new look that has everyone talking. But it’s not her attire that’s changed, but rather her face! Many people have followed Zellweger since the beginning of her career and to now see her, looking almost like another person, is quite a shock. Many of her fans are more than a little...

14 Pics of How Different Breeds of Dogs Look Like When They’re Puppies

Goldendoodles Mudis Weimaraners Italian Spinones Golden Retriever/Chocolate Lab German Shepherds Siberian Husky American Staffordshire Rottweiler/American Staffordshire Irish Wolfhounds Dalmatian German Shorthaired Pointers Bloodhound Bichon/Chihuahua/Pekingese

Horror Pumpkins

Incredible pumpkin carvings that will give you nightmares

Places to visit in 2016… not only through your mind’ eyes

places to visit
These dreamy destinations make you feel like you've just stepped into a magical fairy tale world. That's how I feel.