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Monday, October 23, 2017

Majestic Animal Pictures

Incredibly beautiful photo's taken of animals

This Lazy Cat Sleeps Through Anything.

This adorable kitty never misses an opportunity to nap.

Are Narwhals Real?!

are narwhals real
Yes! Narwhals are real! These Unicorns of the sea has a strange and mysterious long tusk, once harvested and sold as a unicorn horn for ten times its weight in gold! That’s right: Narwhals are real! Bacon Narwhals

Animals who should hit the gym

Animals who could lose some weight

18 Adorably Accessorized Dogs Cone of Shame

Pixar logo When life gives you cone of shame make a dogtini Death Star Monopoly? Play some cards Who's there? Crafty dog owner Puppy salad Stuffed animals The galaxy cone of shame Dogflower Dogflower wannabe Decorate it with paws Merry Christmas everyone Smart dog!

Adorable Bulldog Puppies

Bulldog Puppy
The Lovable Bulldog When you hear the name ‘bulldog’, what images pop into your mind?  Is it a fierce, dangerous dog?  Well, if it is, it shouldn’t be. These dogs are actually very friendly and wonderful family dogs.  They are very loyal and protective over their owners due to their bravery. The name itself shows this.  First mentioned in 1500 in...

The 10 Pro’s of Having a Cat

These are the top 10 reasons to have a pet cat.

24 Animals and their Life Choices

If there's one thing in life we could count on to never forget, it's the mistakes we made in the past that we wished we didn't do. I mean regret probably is that constant thing we could count on. Can I jump over the couch and land unharmed on the other side? Definitely not, but that didn't stop our overconfident young self...