25 of the Most Prettiest and Poisonous Exotic Flowers

Flying Duck Orchidexotic flower names

Angel’s Trumpetexotic flower names

Flame Lilyexotic flowers

Bleeding Heartexotic flowers

Bird of Paradiseexotic flower names

Corpse Lilyexotic flowers

Ballerina Orchidexotic flowers

Psychotria Elataexotic flowers

Aconitumexotic flowers

Tacca Chantrieriexotic flowersChinese Lanternexotic flowersHuernia Oculataexotic flowers

Torch Gingerexotic flowers

Monkey Orchidmonkey_orchid_1

Trichosantheexotic flowers

Parrot Flowerexotic flowers

Sea Poison Treeexotic flowers

Autumn Crocusexotic flowers

Candy Cane Sorrelexotic flowers

Snapdragon Skullsexotic flowers

Sacred DaturaSacredDatura_Flickr

Swaddled Babies (Anguloa Uniflora)exotic flowers

Alien Tricyrtis Hirtaexotic flowers

Moonflowersexotic flowers

Happy Alien Calceolaria Unifloraexotic flowers


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